Mahyar Cooperative Charity for Cancer Patients was founded in 2008 as a non-profitable institute, with contributing benefactors who have been familiar with cancer-related problems. Since its inception, this charity has carried out its utmost endeavor to help cancer patients and their families with prevention and caring services, treatment, and any other kinds of support needed as well as working with alternative organizations that share the same mission which is to help families in need.

The Mahyar Charity Institute is noted for being one of the most credible supportive centers for cancer patients in Iran. Since 1991, the (famous) Mahak Charity gain recognition for supporting cancer patients under the age of 14. Due to their specialization in supporting younger patients,this greatly inspired (The )Mahyar charity to create an environment of support for patients above the age of 14.

Mahyar Charity Institute for Cancer Patients is a fully independent, not-profitable, non-political, and integrated institute with the highest intention of humanitarian purposes, while respecting Iranian values and beliefs. For this reason, Mahyar welcomes any financial support and contribution from private and public entities as well as benefactors inside and outside the country in order to realize its mission which is to supporting and find cures for suffering cancer patients.


Board of Directors


Prf. Naser Parsa

Chairman of the Board

Dr. AbdolReza Hafezi

Vice President of the Board

Saeed Shakerifard

CEO & Board Member

Mansour Shakerifard

Treasurer & Board Member


Dr. Leyla Ashouri

Secretary & Board Member

Dr. Farideh farhadi

Alternate Member of Board

Ali Mostajeran

Alternate Member of Board

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