Financial aid may be available or medication (through 13-Aban Pharmacy), doctor’s visits, surgery, counseling and educational services during and after treatment, medical equipment (such as wheelchair, air mattresses, bed, oxygen container), short trips, and fulfilling some urgent needs of patients’ families.

To elaborate, the free services include:

  • Assisting in financial aid

  • Helping patients find the right medical specialists

  • Directing patients toward educational hospitals in Tehran in order to  receive medication and treatment

  • Surgical procedures

  • Providing medical equipment such as wheelchairs, air mattresses, bed, and oxygen container

  • Providing counseling services to patients during and after treatment

  • Holding recreational single and multi-day tours for patients during and after treatment

  • Providing patients’ families with necessary day-to-day items(such as food, clothing ,and toiletries)

  • Holding seminars and gatherings

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